Upgrade your water solution

Water filtration means you get better water without moving, storing, or changing out heavy plastic bottles.

From the simple glass of ice water to brewed coffee, great-tasting water makes everything better. Our water filtration systems take water already coming into your business and filter out impurities. Use the fresh, delicious water in ice makers, coffee brewers, and bottle-less water coolers.

Bottle-less water coolers

Ensure water is easily accessible with a water cooler sans bottle that still delivers a convenient beverage.

Countertop units

Countertop water filtration units save floor space while offering the full benefit of filtered water.

Full-size models

Get a traditional water cooler look and feel with a floor-standing water filtration model.

Single stop for service

Water filtration is a great addition to your existing C&S break room services.

Instant hot and cold

Ensure water is the right temperature for cold drinks or hot brews available on demand.

Fresh, great taste

Removing the impurities in municipal water delivers a better tasting water people love.

Opt for the convenience and better taste of filtered water with service from C&S at (650) 962-1447 or sales@csvend.com.

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