What is subsidized vending?

Subsidized vending allows employers to offer discounted rates to employees on vending products in the San Francisco Bay Area. Make your fresh food, snacks, and beverages more financially accessible for staff members today!

Subsidize any of your San Francisco Bay Area vending services

Tangible benefits in your San Francisco Bay Area office

You can offer subsidized vending as an employee perk, utilizing it to retain current staff and attract new talent.

Discounted prices allow employees to cut costs on refreshments that are conveniently located onsite, eliminating the need for trips to local stores.

With subsidized vending in San Francisco, the company can promote a positive workplace culture, enhance productivity, and uplift employee morale.

San Francisco Bay Area subsidized vending machines

Why our clients love our vending service


Multiple payment options including mobile wallet and credit card.


We provide healthy options that can easily be implemented into your vending program.


We offer subsidized micro-markets as an upgraded service.

Want even more perks? Upgrade to
free vending in the San Francisco Bay Area

Take subsidized vending to the next level with free vending. The employer pays 100% of the costs and offers complimentary vending snacks, drinks or fresh food to employees in the workplace.

Upgrade your employee benefits with a subsidized vending service from C&S at (650) 962-1447 or sales@csvend.com.

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