Enhance your Bay Area employee experience with
advanced technology!

Mobile app technology

Our mobile app makes it easy to interact with vending machine customers! Anyone that chooses to use the vending machines can use the mobile website to review, service requests, and product ideas!

With Telemetry© technology we’re always up to date with the latest products needed for your breakroom.

Light Speed© technology provides real-time updates so that our warehouses’ operations remain effective!

Advanced service for your San Francisco employees

Our leading technology reduces unnecessary contact with your Bay Area employees by predicting your break room needs!

Touchless technology for
a safer tomorrow

USA Technology makes mobile payments with a debit or credit card secure and easy!

Our vending machines and micro-markets are both equipped with advanced technology for contactless payments. Contactless payments keep employees safe and reduce unnecessary contact!

Going Green for the Environment

Advanced technology helps us reduce energy waste for a brighter tomorrow

LED lights keep energy consumption
to a minimum

Our efficient service routes reduce our carbon footprint throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Generic Energy Efficient machines positively impact the environment with
eco-friendly options

Embrace today’s technology with San Francisco’s best- C&S at (650) 962-1447 or sales@csvend.com

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