Coffee for the connoisseur

Brew the perfect coffee using our gourmet coffee varieties, including dark roast, light roast, blends, decaf, and more.

Brew more at once

Experience faster and better tasting coffee by the pot thanks to upgraded technology inside traditional brewers.

Bring versatility

Give each person a fresh brewing experience with a single cup coffee brewer that uses pods or whole beans.

Office coffee service that beats expectations

Your San Francisco Bay Area business can get better coffee without investing in a staff of baristas.

Freshly ground

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the coffee shop with a brewer that grinds and then brews whole beans for each cup.

More variety

Ensure everyone gets the hot beverage they want, with no cross contamination, using a pod single cup brewer.

Gourmet single cup

Upgrade the at-work coffee experience with specialty drinks from top-quality coffees using a Nespresso brewer.

Maintenance on us

We handle the regular cleanings, preventative maintenance, and repairs on all our coffee equipment in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Eco-friendly water

Enhance the taste of your coffee and tea with a water filtration unit that connects to the water line.

Everything for your break room

Order all break room supplies, including cups, napkins, cutlery, and paper towel from us for single stop convenience.

Coffee and tea you can
feel good about

Fair Trade coffee and tea as well as brands with a focus on sustainability upgrade your business. Show employees and customers that you support eco-friendly farming techniques and reasonable wages paid to farmers. It’s one way to connect us to countries across the world with this invigorating daily ritual.

San Francisco Bay Area office coffee service
Office tea service for San Francisco Bay Area businesses

Build an at-work tea bar

From delicious black teas to herbals full of health-benefiting ingredients, our tea selection will exceed your expectations.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, no office coffee service program is complete without tea. It’s a highly popular drinking option that today’s employees and customers value. Many teas, especially green tea, have been associated with positive health benefits as well, so it’s a great addition to the break room.

Elevate your break area with the San Francisco Bay Area’s most trusted office coffee service from C&S at (650) 962-1447 or

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