Versatile, high-quality coffee brewers

Whether it’s satisfying a high volume of coffee drinkers or the need to transport coffee to multiple areas, we have the right equipment.

Traditional office coffee equipment in San Francisco Bay Area

Pour over brewers

Best in class equipment that brews a delicious pot of coffee and then keeps it hot for hours.

San Francisco Bay Area traditional coffee equipment

Air Pots

Brew coffee directly into a portable container that is insulated and allows easy dispensing into individual cups.

Traditional office coffee equipment for San Francisco Bay Area businesses

Multi burner units

Have 2 types of coffee on hand while a third pot is brewing using one of our modern 3 burner machines.

Commercial quality

All brewing equipment is composed of high-quality parts for maximum reliability through heavy use.

Proud to offer the best coffee and the most dependable brewers

To enjoy truly great at-work coffee in the San Francisco Bay Area, you need more than gourmet beans or expensive equipment. You need expertise to elevate that coffee drinking experience to the next level. C&S has that experience bringing various traditional coffee brewers and delicious coffee to businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our equipment is state of the art for a reliable brewing experience for the entire office. Plus, we handle all routine maintenance and any service issues that may arise.

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