A gathering place

Pantry service lets you create a venue where employees love to spend time working and collaborating.

Easy partnership

Offering food and drinks in your corporate kitchen can be effortless – we handle all stocking and invoicing.

Personalized pantry

From which products are offered to how much is spent per employee, each pantry solution is custom.

Delight employees

Pantry service sets your San Francisco Bay Area business apart and earns appreciation from top-performing employees.

On trend drinks, food, and snacks free for employees

Pantry service turns your San Francisco Bay Area break room into an employee retention tool for less than other employment benefits.

Pantry service is the best way to motivate and engage San Francisco Bay Area employees. Your company sponsors food, snacks, drinks, healthy products, and more in the break room creating a space that invites collaboration and productivity. C&S helps along the way by finding all the products you want, re stocking the at-work pantry, and providing one detailed invoice each month for what was consumed. It eliminates petty cash hassles or additional responsibility for already busy personnel, while guaranteeing you have great items to keep your workforce happy and refreshed.

Powerful benefit

Inspire loyalty in San Francisco Bay Area employees by offering them delicious eats and drinks on-site.

Easy & convenient

Pantry service makes grabbing a satisfying snack or thirst-quenching drink quick and effortless.

Showcase healthy

Build a solution centered around healthy products to encourage staff to eat well.

Gain an advantage with professional pantry service in your San Francisco Bay Area break room from C&S at (650) 962-1447 or sales@csvend.com.

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