San Francisco Bay Area micro-markets

Individualized break rooms

Modern technology and contemporary design combine to create a self-serve solution customized to your needs.

Self-serve kiosk in the San Francisco Bay Area

Tailored food items

The open concept allows for a greater variety of fresh food and dairy options that are sure to please San Francisco Bay Area employees.

Micro-markets in the San Francisco Bay Area

Cashless payments

Micro-markets allow purchases via mobile app or a credit/debit card with all the latest security protocols in place.

Wow employees even more with subsidizes

Give your micro-market solution a boost by paying for all or some of the product costs. This encourages employees to use the market and ensures they appreciate their employer. Use it to reward hitting budgets or to encourage healthy eating as part of your corporate wellness program.

Supported by the latest technology

Quick e-payments

Secure and convenient cashless payments via mobile wallet or credit/debit card.

Always open

Self-checkout allows the mini store to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IoT management

Smart technology constantly builds a real-time restocking list based on what sells.

Self-contained security

High definition cameras record the market to ensure food and shopper safety.

Give your San Francisco Bay Area employees the fresh meals they are looking for! With a custom micro-market from C&S Vending, your employees will have the opportunity to select from dozens of ready-to-serve meals!

Professional break room solutions that shine

Micro-markets from C&S are a step above the competition so your San Francisco Bay Area business benefits.

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