A tea service that benefits both non-coffee drinkers and coffee drinkers

Provide those who don’t drink coffee with a delightful alternative to savor throughout the workday! Even your office coffee drinkers can have their bold cup of joe in the morning and an afternoon tea to refocus the end of their day. It’s a highly popular drinking option that today’s employees and customers value. Bring more health benefits to your office with a San Francisco Bay Area tea service.

Support health initiatives in the at your San Francisco Bay Area business

Numerous teas, particularly green tea, have been linked to various health benefits making them an excellent addition to the break room.

Office tea service in San Francisco Bay Area

Enhanced Focus
and Attention

San Francisco Bay Area office tea service

Immune System

San Francisco Bay Area tea services

Stronger and
Healthier Heart

Tea services in San Francisco Bay Area

Increased Hydration
and Energy

Establish a tea bar
in your workplace

Our tea collection, ranging from exquisite black teas to herbal blends infused with health-enhancing ingredients, is sure to surpass your every expectation. In the San Francisco Bay Area, tea is an essential component of any comprehensive office coffee service program. Let us take your break room up a notch!

Tea you can feel good about

Embracing Fair Trade tea and sustainability-oriented brands can:

Strengthen your brand

Enhance the growth of your business

Foster a meaningful connection with
tea-producing nations worldwide

Transform the daily tea ritual into a
truly invigorating global experience

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