4 San Francisco Bay Area Break Room Upgrades that Help Employees Reach Their Wellness Goals

San Francisco Bay Area Healthy Vending | Healthy and Wellness Goals | Employee Morale

4 San Francisco Bay Area Break Room Upgrades that Help Employees Reach Their Wellness Goals

San Francisco Bay Area Healthy Vending | Healthy and Wellness Goals | Employee Morale

As workplace wellness trends gain momentum, more companies are helping employees achieve their wellness goals. Healthy workplace cultures boost staff satisfaction, productivity, and retention. It also shows employees you care.

Want to help your team feel their best, both inside and out? Show your support with these four San Francisco Bay Area break room upgrades.

1. Healthy San Francisco Bay Area Vending Machines

Give employees easy access to better-for-you options. How? Ask C&S Vending Inc about our healthy San Francisco Bay Area vending machines. We offer many delicious and nutritious products. Thus, employees can buy healthy snacks 24/7. For instance, get nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit.

We’ll also label healthy items. This takes the guesswork out of healthy eating!

2. San Francisco Bay Area Micro-Markets Support Wellness Goals

In addition to healthy snacks, offer fresh foods with a San Francisco Bay Area micro-market. These mini-stores have tons of space. Therefore, employees can buy plenty of lunch options. They can purchase salads, soups, or sandwiches. Shoppers can even get healthy sides, like meat snacks or carrots.

Micro-markets can also reduce stress. Skip the lunch rush at stores or restaurants. Buy fresh, healthy food right on-site!

San Francisco Bay Area Micro-Market | Healthy Goals | Wellness Snacks

Make sure your break room has comfy seats and tables. This way, coworkers can eat lunch together.

3. Great-Tasting Hydration

Drinking water is important. It prevents dehydration and improves work performance. Encourage employees to drink more with great-tasting water. Get a San Francisco Bay Area water filtration service. Employees will have delicious water on demand. It also prevents plastic waste. Just refill your bottle!

Our filtration units offer instant hot water too. Add it to your mug and brew up some hot tea. Speaking of tea, C&S Vending Inc carries tons of trendy options. Many of them have great health benefits. One example is green tea, which is rich in antioxidants. We also have tons of herbal teas. These can boost your immune system and overall health.

4. Collaborative Spaces Promote Mental Well-Being

Workplace wellness goes far beyond physical health. It also includes mental well-being. Employees who feel like part of a team are happier. Promote connection with collaborative spaces. A coffee bar does the trick! Coworkers across departments can connect as they load up on coffee.

We offer simple coffee bar solutions. For example, add a San Francisco Bay Area single-cup coffee brewer. This makes different gourmet flavors each by the cup. The coffee is always fresh. It’s perfect for the break room and conference rooms. Sip delicious coffee while brainstorming fresh ideas.

C&S Vending Inc Helps Employees Achieve Their Wellness Goals

Promote workplace wellness with better break room solutions. C&S Vending Inc is here to help! We carry healthy vending snacks and fresh foods. Additionally, we have healthy teas and can make water taste great. Employees will stay healthy, happy, and hydrated.

Contact C&S Vending Inc today at (650) 962-1447 to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you!

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