vending machines and office coffee service in SunnyvaleThe Right Vending Machines for Your Sunnyvale Operation

Sunnyvale businesses have chosen C&S Vending Inc since 1989, and we can be a great fit for your Sunnyvale business also!

Our vending machines that we offer are energy efficient, modern and stocked full of all your favorite foods and beverages. We charge you nothing to set up, maintain and keep them filled with everyone’s favorites such as products from Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. Vending machines options also include coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, hot or cold food vending machines, candy vending machines and vending machines filled with healthy and nutritious foods and drinks. Carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, juices and milk are other options to choose from too.

Sunnyvale’s Best Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

We offer Sunnyvale customers the best in coffee services. Equipment you’ll find is easy to operate and produces the best cup of coffee available in Sunnyvale. Traditional, pour over and air pot to create delicious coffee in every cup! We also keep your Sunnyvale break room overflowing with creamers, sweeteners, cups, filters, napkins, stir stick and all the condiments that go into the makings of your employees and customer’s coffee. No more taking care of this tedious office task on your own. No more wasted time to the local Sunnyvale coffee house to fill that coffee need. Excellent coffee awaits and everyone will be satisfied with the options that you will have right in your break room.

If you want great coffee, you need great water. Don’t let that foil your plans, get a water filtration service from C&S Vending. These filters are available in either counter top or floor standing units and simply plumb into your water supply. It eliminates the impurities causing poor taste and smell, and fresh water is available at the simple push of a button. Don’t lug around heavy 5-gallon water jugs with those water delivery services. Go the logical route with water filtration.

vending service and micro-markets in SunnyvalePutting Micro-Markets in Sunnyvale Businesses

You want to give your Sunnyvale employees the fuel they need to power through each workday, but you’re not sure vending machines are the answer? Then go with a Micro-Market from C&S Vending. This is where we basically convert a portion of your office into a small corner store. Attractive racks, coolers and displays are installed instead of vending machines to create an environment that can stock a wide selection of unique snacks, food items and beverages. The selection is completely up to you. And you can choose healthier options like gourmet salads, artisan sandwiches, fresh fruit and more. Transactions are handled by integrated self-checkout kiosks. People simply scan their items and pay. Also, because they’re internet connected, the kiosks report your inventory to us in real time. So we always have a handle on the products you need restocked.

Make the right decision by contacting C&S Vending. Our number is 650-962-1447 or simply fill out the form on our website.