vending machines and water filtration service in MilpitasGet Vending Machines for Your Milpitas Office

C&S Vending has a reputation for providing Milpitas businesses with a wide range of vending machine solutions. Our snack and beverage vending machines feature the latest features and performance options to provide a higher level of service. For instance, many of our vending machines feature multiple payment options. Pay by credit/debit card or mobile payment options, such as Apple Pay. Furthermore, our vending machines feature lightspeed technology. Connected to the internet, we can see your machine’s inventory remotely and plan restocking accordingly. This keeps your vending equipment full and allows us to be more efficient.

Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration for Any Milpitas Facility

Want better coffee in your Milpitas office? Then get an office coffee service from C&S Vending. We have brewing machines to best fit your operation, such as traditional pot brewers and single-cup brewers, and the wide variety of coffees and teas to match. These high-tech coffee machines are designed to make better coffee and offer unique convenience features to change the brewing parameters for each person. Part of our office coffee service is offering other items that are common in break rooms. Need stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, filters and other staples? We can add them to your regular coffee resupply runs.
For those looking for better Milpitas office water quality, our bottleless water filtration systems plug directly into your water supply and make clear, healthy water simple and convenient. Available in floor standing and countertop models, we have a filtration unit to fit any office space.

office coffee and micro markets in MilpitasMicro-Markets in Milpitas

Micro-Markets are the latest trend in vending, and C&S Vending is ready to install yours in Milpitas. Rather than employing vending machines, we will turn a portion of your break room into a small corner store. With attractive coolers, racks and displays, stocked with hundreds of products, Micro-Markets offer much more convenience and selection. Customers can simply walk into the store, select the items they want, and pay for them at the integrated checkout kiosks. These kiosks are internet connected, allowing us to know your store inventory in real time. This allows us to keep the store full more efficiently. Also, since the kiosks are always on, that means the store is always open. Your people can enjoy it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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