vending machines and water filtration service in Los AltosA Complete Line of Vending Machines for Los Altos

Los Altos, your internet search has ended! Vending machines is a great idea for your business, no matter how big or small. Vending machines keep your employees sharp and at the tasks you require them to do to keep your business successful. Eliminate the need for them to leave your site to get reenergized with the food and beverages they require. C& S Vending Inc will bring in the vending machines you require at no cost, will maintain them and keep them full of all your favorites.

Candy vending machines, snack vending machines, hot or cold food vending machines, coffee vending machines, energy drinks and sport drinks in vending machines as well as vending machines with all the healthy and nutritious foods and drinks you know and enjoy.

Installing Office Coffee and Water Filtration Systems in Los Altos

Los Altos employees can get used to our coffee services, having no need to seek coffee elsewhere. We have all the best coffee, filters, creamers, and sweeteners, stir sticks, napkins or anything else you associate with a break room or coffee room. All items organized and fully stocked and ready to enjoy without any efforts or hassles for you!

C&S Vending can help you establish better water quality with our water filtration services. Unlike water delivery services, we install water filters that plumb into your water supply. These filters remove the impurities causing quality problems, and then deliver better tasting water on demand. Hot or cold – better water is a simple press of a button away.

office coffee and micro markets in Los AltosYou Need a Micro-Market in Los Altos

Employees of any operation love to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options right on site. And Los Altos employees are no different. Instead of giving them a basic vending machine program, why not go a step beyond with a Micro-Market service from C&S Vending. A Micro-Market is like putting a convenience store right on site. We build the store using attractive racks, coolers and displays, and stock it with a much more robust selection than we can with vending machines. This includes gourmet salads, fresh fruit and dairy products. At the center of the store is a self-checkout kiosk. Customers handle the transactions themselves, which is more efficient and convenient. Furthermore, we’re able to track your inventory in real time since the kiosks are internet connected. A Micro-Market is always open – every day, all day – catering to every employee no matter when they’re at the office.

Treat yourself to the best in vending. Contact C&S Vending today at 650-962-1447 or simply fill out our website form and we’ll get in touch with you.