vending machines and office coffee service in FremontMake Your Fremont Office Fabulous with a Vending Machine Service

C&S Vending offers the best vending machines and products to fill them for Fremont offices. From snack vending machines to beverage vending machines, including both Coke and Pepsi machines, our units feature the latest in high tech features, such as cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. Vending machines are also able to be remotely monitored. We call this lightspeed technology, because we know what’s in your machines at a moment’s notice, and we will pre-kit our delivery trucks with only want you need. This allows us to be more efficient and allows you to experience minimal instances of sold out products.

Installing Office Coffee and Water Filtration in Fremont

Some would say coffee makes the business world go around. We don’t know about that, but we know it’s important – so get the best for your Fremont office with an office coffee service from C&S Vending. We have the brewers to fit your unique needs, from traditional by-the-pot brewers to the ever-popular single-cup brewers. Also, we have the coffee and tea brands, flavors and types your people prefer. Also, we go beyond the coffee and brewers to fully accommodate your office coffee program. If you want, we’ll add in other common items, such as stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, sweeteners and creamers so you don’t have to shop for them yourself.
Water quality not all it should be in your Fremont office? Our water filtration services will fix that. These filtration units are available in counter top and floor standing configurations and plumb directly into your water supply. All you need to do is turn a spigot and you’ve got better tasting water – hot or cold.

vending service and micro-markets in FremontMicro-Markets are the Pinnacle of Vending in Fremont

The ultimate is vending convenience is called a Micro-Market, and C&S Vending has one for your Fremont location. Consider a Micro-Market like a small convenience store that just happens to be right in your office. We provide a wide variety of products, which are displayed in attractive racks and coolers. Your people can simply walk in, select what they want and head to the self-service kiosks. There they can scan and pay for their own items. Since the kiosks are always on, the Micro-Market is always open. And these kiosks are internet connected, which allows us to always know what’s in your store and we can resupply in the most efficient manner possible.

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