vending machines and water filtration service in BurlingameBurlingame Gets Its Vending Machines Here

Looking for snack vending machines or beverage vending machines in Burlingame? C&S Vending is ready to serve. We believe in providing vending machines offering the latest in convenience features, such as cashless payment – employees purchasing items with a card or mobile device. Also, our vending machines include Lightspeed Technology. This lets us monitor your machines’ inventory and pre-kit our delivery trucks with only the items you need for peak efficiency and overall service. Our range of products to fill our vending equipment includes the brands, types and flavors your people know and love. Looking for something we don’t carry? Just let us know. We’re happy to accommodate special requests.

We Want to Put Office Coffee and Water Filtration in Your Burlingame Business

Achieve the highest quality office coffee for your Burlingame business with a simple call to C&S Vending. We work with you to determine the best brewing machine to handle your office coffee needs – whether it’s traditional by-the-pot brewers or those that brew by the cup. We’ll set up the system in your Burlingame office and supply the many popular hot beverages to match. We’re also willing to manage your break room supplies. Need stir sticks, cups, napkins, sweeteners or creamers on a regular basis? We’ll restock during our regular visits.

Don’t solve your Burlingame office water quality problems by paying for a water delivery service. Save money, and add convenience, with one of our water filtration units. Available in countertop and floor standing units, our water filters plumb into your water supply, removing impurities and delivering a better tasting beverage right from the tap. With a spigot for hot water and cold, fresh water is always available just how you need it.

office coffee and micro markets in BurlingameMicro-Markets Available for Any Burlingame Office

Go with a Micro-Market for your Burlingame office and achieve “macro” benefits. This is similar to an open market that C&S Vending can simply install into your available office space. Using attractive racks, displays and coolers, we assemble the store and fill it with the best choices in snacks, food items and beverages. This includes unique, healthy items like gourmet salads, fresh fruit and artisan sandwiches. Built with an integrated self-checkout kiosk, Burlingame customers can simply walk in, grab the products they want and then take care of the transaction themselves. It’s the ultimate in convenience, and because the store can stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s a great morale builder too for those employees working early or staying late.

C&S Vending is ready to get started for you. Call 650-952-1447 or e-mail for more information.