vending machines and water filtration service in BelmontThe Vending Machines Your Belmont Office is Searching For

Is your Belmont Company searching for vending services? The search ends here!
C&S Vending Inc is a full-service vending company, offering a full line of vending equipment and products for you to choose. C&S Vending Inc will install your vending machines, maintain them and keep them full of your favorite products! Your Belmont vending machines can come loaded up with name brands like Coca Cola and Pepsi. Vending machines with snack foods, candy vending machines, cold or hot food vending machines, coffee vending machines and vending machines and equipment pumping out the very best in healthy and nutritious beverages and snacks! You decide what items are sold in the vending machines at your Belmont site, not us! There are also several vending plans such as traditional (purchaser pays full price) subsidized (purchaser pays a discounted price and your business supplements the purchase) and free vending (company picks up the cost of the vended items as a big company benefit to employees).

Belmont’s Best Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

C&S Vending Inc can deliver up the best coffee in town at your Belmont business also. Stop those annoying trips to the local coffee house that waste your time and your employee’s money. Your break room can have the best coffees available, and all the condiments to go with it! Pour over or air pots and the single cup coffee brewers that are ever so popular right now. No more mismatched items, no more being out of stock and no more trips to the big box! We’ll handle keeping your break room filled with coffee, teas, hot chocolate, cups, napkins, filters, stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners and napkins. Everything organized and ready to use!

Key to making great coffee starts with the water, and C&S Vending Inc can deliver that to your Belmont business also. All the bottled water you need for drink straight or making other beverages great!

office coffee and micro markets in BelmontPut a Micro-Market in Your Belmont Office

C&S Vending is a provider of modern Micro-Market services. Think of having a convenience store right with in your Belmont office break room. That’s a Micro-Market, and we’ll provide a series of coolers, racks and displays to build one in your available space…no matter how large or small it is. Another thing that makes Micro-Markets special is the selection of products. Unlike the limitations found with vending machines, this open layout allows us to offer great breakfast, lunch and dinner options, like protein packed dairy products, gourmet salads and artisan sandwiches. Within each Micro-Market is installed a self-checkout kiosk. This way the customers themselves can handle their own transactions. There’s nothing more convenient or self-sufficient. Furthermore, since the store runs itself, it can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vending machines, coffee services and water delivery; Since 1989, Belmont has depended on C&S Vending Inc. Call us at 650-962-1447 or fill out the information on our contact us page. It is a decision you will never regret!