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Subsidy Services
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C&S gives the option of our popular Subsidy Vending Program. As an employer, you can pay part of the cost of snacks, beverages, and/or food. This makes prices lower for your employees. For example, in much of the Bay Area, 25 cents is the most popular price for a vended beverage. Of course, you can have the price set at whatever you prefer. Each month we will send you an invoice.

Our Commitment to Service
* We keep your break room stocked with the items you want
* State of the art snack machines and beverage machines let you set prices at whatever you want
* Customized programs can supply you with coolers and professional restaurant-style coffee makers

Customized Programs

Let's discuss Subsidy Vending for your company. Your company will be invoiced for the difference between the price you charge and your cost. Your employees and customers will love you for lower prices!
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