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Palo Alto Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

Palo Alto Vending MachinesVending-coffee services-water delivery, these are the main focus of C&S Vending Inc in Palo Alto. For 25 years we have been servicing our Palo Alto and Bay Area customers with the best product and services available. Our vending machines are installed free, maintained and filled at no cost to you. You make the choice as to what is in your vending equipment, and we take care of the rest.

Vending machines include Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines, vending machines with energy drinks and sport drinks, Coca Cola vending machines, food vending machines, candy vending machines and vending machines with healthy and nutritional options.

Vending machines are just one focus at C&S Vending Inc. We can up the ante in the break room with our coffee services. Never run out of your favorite items again or wait for the next big box run to resupply. We will take care of everything, keeping all items fully stocked. Coffee, filters, cups, teas, hot chocolate, stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners and equipment supplied by C&S Vending Inc of Palo Alto. We have the coffee brewers you need too, whether it is traditional brewers or the single cup brewing systems.  Your Palo Alto employees and customers can get what they need to keep them focused and at the tasks at hand in your business.

Got water? The water needs of your Palo Alto business can be handled by C&S Vending services too! Call us at 650-962-14447 and we will come to your Palo Alto location and get you started today!

Palo Alto Office Coffee Service