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Milpitas Vending Machines and Office Coffee Service

Milpitas Vending MachinesAre your employees in Milpitas heading down the road for basic needs such as snacks and coffee? Keep them close in, at no extra charge!

That is right-C&S Vending Inc can load you up with all your favorite vended products at no charge to your Milpitas business. We deliver them, keep them filled and take care of servicing them without you spending a dime, unless you choose to! We do have vending options such as subsidized vending, free vending or traditional vending where the purchaser pays the full price. You get to select the products and the vending options.

Milpitas is also a place where C&S Vending Inc offers coffee services for your busy break room. Let us be the responsible ones for your break room in regards to coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cups, filters, plates, napkins, stir sticks and all the condiments that keep the Joe flowing and the employees going! Single cup brewers or traditional coffee brewers will be placed and maintained in your business. Nothing keeps your employees focused and ready to go like a quality cup of coffee, and C&S Vending Inc will deliver for your Milpitas location!

Our South Bay water can be a little on the nasty side. C&S Vending Inc offers water service to keep you flowing in the best in bottled water to quench every thirst and make sure your Milpitas office has the best tasting water and mixed beverages possible!

All you have to do is call us at 650-962-1447 and get the ball rolling right now. There will be lots of folks that are glad you did!

Milpitas Office Coffee Service