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Green Initiatives
Vending Services Bay Area
C&S is doing our part to make our planet and
communities a great place to live!

At C&S, we realize we can do a lot to make our world a better place. From energy efficient vending machines that use far less electricity, to organizing service calls that create far reaching efficiencies in driving time and energy usage, we're constantly instituting new ways to conserve energy.

Commitment to Reducing Our Carbon Foot Print
*All vending machines are state of the art equipment using environmentally friendly refrigerants
* Biodegradable packaging used whenever available
* Energy Star equipment uses LED lighting
* Energy saving motion sensors as well as energy efficient motors reduce electricity costs
* Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
We schedule our route technicians to service customers within a specific area. That eliminates long trips across the Bay Area. We can also eliminate a return trip by equipping trucks with the necessary tools and parts needed to finish the vast majority of service calls during the initial visit.

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