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C&S Difference
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Not every vending company provide the service you deserve... and many people do not realize there is MORE to a vending business than just filling vending machines.

C&S Vending is different. We don't just talk service ... we insist on it and guarantee it through our 3-step Managed Vending Program.

The C&S 3-step Managed Vending Business Program:
Each and every month, someone from C&S management personally checks each of our vending machines using a 15-point checklist. If the vending machines pass inspection, the delivery driver receives an immediate cash bonus. But, if the machines fail inspection, the driver is sent out to bring the machines up to our high company standards.
We have a planned maintenance system designed to proactively take care of problems before they occur. We clean all of our soda vending machines and snack vending machines, for example, every time we deliver product and replace components on a regular schedule. We also make sure that you do not run out of product through careful timing of our delivery routes and adjusting for seasonal changes and needs. We know that our Managed Vending Machine Services works because we actually receive an average of only one service call per week.

We realize that without our customers, we do not have a business. We also understand that if your snack vending machines are not working or are out of your favorite snack, then you are inconvenienced. We check for messages every hour of each business day, and we respond to your requests within one hour -- or less.